Dave Matthews Band albums and discography

The first Dave Matthews Band album, Remember Two Things, debuted in 1993, and the most recent studio effort, Walk Around the Moon, will be released in 2023.

All told, there are nine DMB studio albums, 17 live albums and dozens of other recordings released through the Live Trax series, the DMBLive series and the Warehouse fan club.

How many #1 albums does Dave Matthews Band have?

The last seven Dave Matthews Band albums have all debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart:

  • Before These Crowded Streets
  • Everyday
  • Busted Stuff
  • Stand Up
  • Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King
  • Away From the World
  • Come Tomorrow

What is Dave Matthews Band’s best-selling album?

Crash, released in 1996, is the best-selling Dave Matthews Band album, with more than 7 million copies sold. The album includes the hits “Too Much,” “So Much to Say” and “Crash Into Me.”

Dave Matthews Band studio albums

There are nine Dave Matthews Band studio albums dating back to the band’s major-label debut, Under the Table and Dreaming.

Under the Table and Dreaming

dave matthews band under the table and dreaming album cover

Released: Sept. 27, 1994

Producer: Steve Lillywhite

Under the Table and Dreaming brought Dave Matthews Band — which had developed a sizable following in its first three years thanks to constant touring, tape trading and two independent releases — into the mainstream.

The album spawned the hits “Ants Marching,” “Satellite” and “What Would You Say?” It contains many classics that DMB has played regularly from its club days to the present, including “Dancing Nancies,” “Warehouse” and “Jimi Thing.”

Under the Table and Dreaming track listing:

  1. The Best of What’s Around
  2. What Would You Say?
  3. Satellite
  4. Rhyme and Reason
  5. Typical Situation
  6. Dancing Nancies
  7. Ants Marching
  8. Lover Lay Down
  9. Jimi Thing
  10. Warehouse
  11. Pay For What You Get
  12. #34


dave matthews band crash album cover

Released: April 30, 1996

Producer: Steve Lillywhite

Crash solidified Dave Matthews Band’s standing as a major American rock act. By the fall of 1996, DMB was headlining sold-out concerts at large sports arenas, including two nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Crash includes the hits “Too Much,” “So Much to Say” and “Crash Into Me,” which remains one of the band’s most well-known songs. The album is a mix of songs dating back to DMB’s early days, such as “Two Step” and “Tripping Billies,” and newer songs such as “#41.”

Crash track listing:

  1. So Much to Say
  2. Two Step
  3. Crash Into Me
  4. Too Much
  5. #41
  6. Say Goodbye
  7. Drive In, Drive Out
  8. Let You Down
  9. Lie in Our Graves
  10. Cry Freedom
  11. Tripping Billies
  12. Proudest Monkey

Before These Crowded Streets

dave matthews band before these crowded streets album cover

Released: April 28, 1998

Producer: Steve Lillywhite

Considered by most fans to be Dave Matthews Band’s studio album masterpiece, Before These Crowded Streets was a major evolution of the band’s sound.

Whereas Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash featured only the five members of DMB and touring guitarist Tim Reynolds, Before These Crowded Streets brought in several additional musicians. Alanis Morissette, banjo player Bela Fleck, keyboardist Butch Taylor (who went on to tour with DMB for nine years) and others contributed to the album.

Before These Crowded Streets track listing:

  1. Pantala Naga Pampa
  2. Rapunzel
  3. The Last Stop
  4. Don’t Drink the Water
  5. Stay (Wasting Time)
  6. Halloween
  7. The Stone
  8. Crush
  9. The Dreaming Tree
  10. Pig
  11. Spoon


dave matthews band everyday album cover

Released: Feb. 27, 2001

Producer: Glen Ballard

In late 1999, Dave Matthews Band reconvened with producer Steve Lillywhite to begin work on their fourth studio album. At some point in 2000, however, the band decided to scrap those sessions.

During that summer tour, Dave Matthews met producer Glen Ballard, and the two wrote an entire album’s worth of songs. The rest of the band joined Matthews and Ballard later in the year to complete the album that became Everyday.

Relying heavily on Matthews’ electric guitar and lacking much of DMB’s signature saxophone- and violin-powered sound, Everyday marked a drastic departure for the band. Fan reaction at the time was largely negative, but several of the songs are now fan favorites, including “So Right,” “What You Are,” “Everyday” and “The Space Between.”

Everyday track listing:

  1. I Did It
  2. When the World Ends
  3. The Space Between
  4. Dreams of Our Fathers
  5. So Right
  6. If I Had It All
  7. What You Are
  8. Angel
  9. Fool to Think
  10. Sleep to Dream Her
  11. Mother Father
  12. Everyday

Busted Stuff

dave matthews band busted stuff album cover

Released: July 16, 2002

Producer: Steve Harris

In March 2001, just weeks after the release of Everyday, a recording of Dave Matthews Band’s abandoned 1999-2000 sessions with Steve Lillywhite leaked onto the internet. Dubbed The Lillywhite Sessions, the recording was wildly popular among fans — much more so than Everyday — and a campaign began to officially release the songs.

In early 2002, DMB and their longtime engineer Steve Harris went into the studio to re-record many of them, and the result was Busted Stuff. The album included nine songs from The Lillywhite Sessions and two new songs, “Where Are You Going” and “You Never Know.” Three songs from The Lillywhite Sessions were not included on Busted Stuff: “Sweet Up and Down,” “JTR” and “Monkey Man.”

Busted Stuff track listing:

  1. Busted Stuff
  2. Grey Street
  3. Where Are You Going
  4. You Never Know
  5. Captain
  6. Raven
  7. Grace Is Gone
  8. Kit Kat Jam
  9. Digging a Ditch
  10. Big Eyed Fish
  11. Bartender

Stand Up

dave matthews band stand up album cover

Released: May 10, 2005

Producer: Mark Batson

Much like in 2000, Dave Matthews Band spent its 2004 tour testing new songs for an upcoming studio album but ended up abandoning most of them and working with a new producer.

This time it was hip-hop producer Mark Batson, who encouraged the band members to come up with riffs and loops individually, which they then collectively built songs around. The resulting album, Stand Up, includes DMB’s most successful single, “American Baby,” which reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was certified Gold. “Hello Again” is the only 2004 song that made the album.

Stand Up track listing:

  1. Dreamgirl
  2. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
  3. Stand Up (For It)
  4. American Baby Intro
  5. American Baby
  6. Smooth Rider
  7. Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)
  8. Out of My Hands
  9. Hello Again
  10. Louisiana Bayou
  11. Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd
  12. You Might Die Trying
  13. Steady as We Go
  14. Hunger for the Great Light

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

dave matthews band big whiskey and the groogrux king album cover

Released: June 2, 2009

Producer: Rob Cavallo

Work on the seventh Dave Matthews Band album began in late 2007, pausing in May 2008 as the band embarked on its summer tour.

On June 30, saxophone player and founding DMB member LeRoi Moore was injured in an ATV accident. The tour resumed, with Jeff Coffin of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones filling in, but on Aug. 19, Moore died of complications from his injuries.

DMB, including Coffin, reconvened with producer Rob Cavallo after the tour ended to complete the album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, in honor of Moore. “GrooGrux” was a nickname for Moore and other band members in the early days, and Dave Matthews’ album cover art depicts Moore in a New Orleans jazz funeral.

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King is the only DMB album to be nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys; it lost to Taylor Swift’s Fearless.

Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King track listing:

  1. Grux
  2. Shake Me Like a Monkey
  3. Funny the Way It Is
  4. Lying in the Hands of God
  5. Why I Am
  6. Dive In
  7. Spaceman
  8. Squirm
  9. Aligator Pie
  10. Seven
  11. Time Bomb
  12. Baby Blue
  13. You and Me

Away From the World

dave matthews band away from the world album cover

Released: Sept. 11, 2012

Producer: Steve Lillywhite

Dave Matthews Band reunited with producer Steve Lillywhite for the first time since the abandoned Lillywhite Sessions to create Away From the World. The album contains the longest DMB studio track, “Drunken Soldier,” which clocks in at nine minutes and 48 seconds.

Away From the World track listing:

  1. Broken Things
  2. Belly Belly Nice
  3. Mercy
  4. Gaucho
  5. Sweet
  6. The Riff
  7. Belly Full
  8. If Only
  9. Rooftop
  10. Snow Outside
  11. Drunken Soldier

Come Tomorrow

dave matthews band come tomorrow album cover

Released: June 8, 2018

Producers: John Alagia, Mark Batson, Rob Cavallo, Rob Evans and Doug McKean

Come Tomorrow is in many ways the most unique Dave Matthews Band album. It includes music from multiple recording sessions dating back more than a decade, with contributions from most of the band members throughout DMB history.

“Can’t Stop,” for example, was first played in concert in 2006, and DMB worked on it in the studio with Stand Up producer Mark Batson that year as well. Former keyboard player Butch Taylor performs on three songs, and even the late LeRoi Moore plays on two songs.

Come Tomorrow track listing:

  1. Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
  2. Can’t Stop
  3. Here on Out
  4. That Girl Is You
  5. She
  6. Idea of You
  7. Virginia in the Rain
  8. Again and Again
  9. bkdkdkdd
  10. Black and Blue Bird
  11. Come On Come On
  12. Do You Remember
  13. Come Tomorrow
  14. When I’m Weary

Walk Around the Moon

Released: May 19, 2023

Producer: Rob Evans

Walk Around the Moon track listing:

  1. Walk Around the Moon
  2. Madman’s Eyes
  3. Looking for a Vein
  4. The Ocean and the Butterfly
  5. It Could Happen
  6. Something to Tell My Baby
  7. After Everything
  8. All You Ever Wanted Was Tomorrow
  9. The Only Thing
  10. Break Free
  11. Monsters
  12. Singing From the Windows

Dave Matthews Band live albums

Dave Matthews Band has released 17 live albums, dating back to its independent debut Remember Two Things in 1993. The cadence of new live releases has considerably slowed in recent years as DMB has focused more in its Live Trax series.

Remember Two Things (released Nov. 9, 1993)

Recently (EP) (released May 17, 1994)

Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95 (released Oct. 28, 1997)

Listener Supported (released Nov. 23, 1999)

Live in Chicago 12.19.98 at the United Center (released Oct. 23, 2001)

Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado (released Nov. 5, 2002)

The Central Park Concert (released Nov. 18, 2003)

The Gorge (released June 29, 2004)

Weekend on the Rocks (released Nov. 29, 2005)

Live at Piedmont Park (released Dec. 11, 2007)

Live at Mile High Music Festival (released Dec. 16, 2008)

Europe 2009 (released Dec. 22, 2009)

Live in New York City (released Nov. 9, 2010)

Live at Wrigley Field (released May 31, 2011)

Live on Lakeside (released Nov. 16, 2011)

Live in Atlantic City (released Dec. 16, 2011)

Live at the Hollywood Bowl (released Dec. 6, 2019)