How to get Dave Matthews Band tickets

Dave Matthews Band tickets aren’t always easy to come by.

Although the days of three-night stands at massive football stadiums are long gone, DMB is still a massively popular live act. The band has sold more than 24 million concert tickets since its inception in 1991, and no band in the world sold more tickets in the 2010s, according to Ticketmaster.

Fortunately, despite this sustained, heavy demand, there are lots of options for you to see the band. In this guide you’ll learn how to get Dave Matthews Band tickets from both direct and third-party sources.

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When do Dave Matthews Band tickets go on sale?

Dave Matthews Band tickets go on sale to the general public Feb. 17. Warehouse members may request tickets for the 2023 tour from Jan. 24 until Jan. 31 at 3 p.m. ET. A presale for Citi cardholders runs from Feb. 14-16.

In addition, Warehouse members will have access to presale tickets for DMB’s three May concerts in Mexico through Ticketmaster.

What are Warehouse tickets?

Warehouse tickets are issued by the Warehouse, the official Dave Matthews Band fan association. They differ in appearance from standard tickets that are typically issued by Ticketmaster. Warehouse members are not allowed to resell Warehouse tickets for above face value by any means.

How to get Dave Matthews Band presales

Presales are a great way to get Dave Matthews Band tickets — if you have access. The band allows Warehouse fan club members to request tickets before they go on sale to the general public, and there is also a presale for Citi cardholders.

Warehouse ticket request process

Members of the Warehouse, the official Dave Matthews Band fan association, have an exclusive opportunity to request tickets in advance of the public on-sale date. Not all requests are granted, however, depending on the demand for each particular concert.

dave matthews band ticket request platform

All Warehouse members have an equal chance of getting tickets through this process, but seniority — how long you’ve been in the fan club — does increase your chances of getting better seats for some shows.

Per the Warehouse FAQs:

Two processes determine the selection of members’ orders to qualify for a ticket. The first process is a random selection and all members, regardless of seniority, have an equal chance of being confirmed for tickets. The second process randomly confirms requests into a level; PIT, Reserved, Lawn; again regardless of seniority. All qualifying orders within the Reserved Sections have seats allocated by one of two methods:

1. Utilizing the seniority system by each membership year to determine seat assignments.

​Seniority seat assignments occurs for all single night stands.

2. Utilizing random selection to determine the order of seat assignments.

​Random seat assignments occur on the first night of a multiple night stay at one venue.

As this is a request period and not a straight presale, it does not matter when you make your request, as long as you do it before the stated deadline. You do have to provide credit card information when making your requests, however, and if you get DMB tickets, you will be automatically charged.

The Warehouse notifies members if their requests have been granted or not before any other presales or the general public on-sale begins. Specific seat assignments aren’t posted until later, however.

Citi presale for DMB tickets

Citibank US holds a presale for Dave Matthews Band tickets in the days leading up to the general public on-sale. The 2023 Citi presale begins Feb. 14 at 10 a.m. ET and ends Feb. 16 at 10 p.m. ET. Citi cardholders can access the presale on Ticketmaster’s website using a password (typically the first four digits of their card number), and they must use a Citi card to purchase the tickets.

Unlike the Warehouse process, this is a straight presale, so your best chance of getting tickets is right when the presale begins.

If you can’t take advantage of a presale to get tickets, try your luck when the general on-sale period begins through Ticketmaster. If you aren’t able to buy tickets then, don’t worry. You still have options.

How to get sold out Dave Matthews Band tickets

To get sold out Dave Matthews Band tickets, you can look for instant tickets from the Warehouse fan club, find fans who are selling their tickets and explore third-party resellers.

Warehouse instant ticketing

The Warehouse instant ticketing program makes tickets available to fan club members closer to the date of the actual concert. Keep an eye out for an email from the Warehouse that says instant ticketing is open, and act fast. A limited number of tickets are available, and they are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Buying DMB tickets from fans

dave matthews band warehouse tickets message board

The Warehouse and DMB fan sites such as offer forums and message boards where fans can sell tickets at face value or trade them for equal value. Again, Warehouse members are not allowed to resell Warehouse tickets for above face value.

Third-party ticket resellers

Third-party resellers are another way to get Dave Matthews Band tickets. Some sites, such as CashorTrade, are specifically for selling tickets at face value.

Whenever buying tickets from individuals or third parties, make sure to avoid scams!